What Is The Best SEO Strategy?

In the year 2020, many search engines have advanced and continue to be more efficient and notorious in the Artificial intelligence (AI) field. According to a study by Reliable Soft shows, Google remains the number one search engine in the world with a market share of 87.35% market share. This is because they have been able to implement advanced techniques that prevent misuse. Their Panda algorithm has demoted many sites, and equality promoted others based on quality.

Therefore, for your site to rank highly on the search engines, you have to deliver quality content and avoid violations on Google’s webmaster guidelines. This article focuses on the best SEO strategies that will help your site rank on top of search engines

  1. Understand SEO and the Essential skills

For you to implement the best SEO strategies, you need to understand the Search Engine Optimization workflow scope. SEO is more than getting an expert to optimize your site.

The approach involves a clearly defined business plan, web design, keyword planning, content management, and call to action, among others. Some of the websites you see on top of search results rank that high because of their interesting content and external user posts.

Having an integrated external customer portal on the website is another strategy they use. As a business site owner, you need to define your goals and objectives before you begin the SEO journey. That will help you focus on the right SEO activities to reach your target audience correctly. The objectives include vision, mission, target customers, the customer’s geographical locations, and revenue sources.

  1. Keyword research and Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is a prerequisite before you begin to carry out SEO technical activities. Thus you have to work closely with your team of consultants and the agency to come up with the applicable keywords.

The keywords are based on the universal search queries, and therefore when you have the right, the online visitors will quickly be directed to your site. If you are in the business of say ‘Digital marketing’- then that must appear as a priority keyword.

You have other tools like Google Ads keyword planner, which indicates the value of a keyword and the amount of traffic it attracts per month. Another effective strategy is to sandwich the keyword in a long tail phrase like ‘the best digital marketing companies’. This gives minimal results and thus makes it easy for online visitors to get your post quickly.

What is best SEO Strategy

  1. Quality and lengthy article

The duration online visitors spend on your site will depend on how valuable your website is. Therefore, you have to deliver quality and solution-based content so that your site visitors have a reason to stay for long.

Google keeps track of the time your visitors are spending on your site, and this determines how they’ll rank it. If users find the information less critical, they won’t stay long enough. You thus have to define your content in-depth so that Google understands that you have provided all the information that the user needs.

Again, you need to keep your content long enough. When the content is too short, Google ‘understands’ that you have little to say and that therefore assume you’re are not an authority in the subject. Google gives more priority on lengthy informative content as opposed to the short type. You, therefore, need to do some proper research on your topic, get enough details so that you have a post that is full of facts and evidence.

  1. Optimize mobile

This has changed, and research shows that less than 35% of the online searches originate from the desktop with over 1.2 billion people accessing the internet through mobile devices. That tells you if your site is not optimized on mobile, you have less traffic.

Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that those who are assessing your site through their mobile devices have an excellent experience. For instance, browsing through Amazon, it doesn’t matter the device you’re using, the site is engaging and user friendly.

Google is giving priority to the sites that are perfectly optimized on mobile – it’s an important ranking factor. The mobile site is the starting point of Google indexing. Thus, you have to ensure your site is perfectly optimized for mobile so that you don’t lose traffic over something like platform preference.

Mobile optimization is different from mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly involves shrinking the size of the pages so that they are viewable on mobile but not designed to drive mobile conversions. An optimized site has offered bigger navigation buttons, optimized images, and formatted content which can identify when a user is using a mobile device to access.

With such a significant number of mobile users accessing the internet, you have to ensure that you tap into this market by optimizing mobile. You can use the mobile=friendly checker tool on Google to see the loading speed of your site on mobile.

  1. Off-page optimization

Google and other search engines will rank you based on the number of references that you obtain from different domains. If your site is mentioned in other places, Google crawls the URL, and this is counted as a backlink to your website.

That will, in turn, boost the ranking of your site. Thus you have to ensure your website appears in as many other blogs, websites, and forums directory submissions, among others.

Your main objective as a website owner is to ensure that your site is placed in front of as many viewers as possible. The surest way is to ensure that the site is optimized for all the access devices. Thus you need to do some proper research and get an SEO agency that will take you through the process and ensure that you rank highly on search engines.