Art Website Designing

Art Website Designing


An Art Website Designing is a great platform to keep contact information, build a portfolio of your work, as well as to have a place to sell your work without the need for an intermediary agent. Having an online platform will enhance the perception of professionalism regarding your art. It allows you to positively build up your reputation by giving people the opportunity to learn about who you are as an artist. Having a professional website to showcase your work allows you to build your portfolio as well as establish a place for people to see your work, what galleries you are in, as well as what exhibitions you have been/are hosting. An Art Website Designing allows you as an artist to share with people who you are, how you began your creative journey and give an artist statement.

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    Proximate Solutions offers unparalleled customer service and unabashed creative content that will drive sales, improve engagement and help define your online presence. Through website design and content marketing, it becomes easy to manage, tell your story, and engage your customers to bring them into your business. Our team works with you through website design and content marketing that reflects your unique business, your strengths, and works to draw in new and returning customers. Fresh, seasonally relevant content gives you timely opportunities to convert prospects into customers and encourages returning customers to become loyal customers. Additionally, we provide Search Engine Optimization for all sites to make sure your business is ranked and found. When people are looking for your store, we help make sure they find it.

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    We design responsive Art website for artists. Our sites are stylish, easy to use and can be tailored to suit your needs. After launch, we give on-going support. You’ll have peace of mind that there’s someone on hand for help and advice if you need it. Plus we will promote your website and artwork on our social media pages. We do everything for you including registering your domain name, setting up hosting (a domain name and hosting are essential if you want a website), and building your site. We can also give you advice on how to market your website after launch. All you have to do is provide the text and photographs of your work that you want to display on your site. So, get Proximate services to make a brand of your company.