Display Advertising Services

A cost-effective way of delivering real results is through advertising across several display networks. However, high rewards always come at a high risk. With so many approaches like targeting, many bidding and placement options available, you may end up losing lots of money in record hours if wrong choices are made. Thus you need the right partner for your display advertising to be profitable.

From targeting optimization to analytics assessment, Proximate Solutions is ready and able to help you drive your digital advertising campaigns to success. We have been doing highly profitable ad campaigns for many years.

Campaign strategy and structure

For a successful display advertising campaign, you must have a plan. At proximate solutions, we focus on your business goals to create a comprehensive ad campaign. We first determine the best display networks to help you reach out to your target audience and therefore position your business for success from the start.

Targeting expertise

A successful display advertising campaign entails knowing who you’re trying to convert, their behaviors, demographics, and the websites they visit. We will analyze your ad audience and break it down to determine the best keywords combination and website placements for retargeting. Then we continuously monitor and optimize the campaigns to drive results continually.

Ad optimization

Our focus is on optimizing your offer and ads that generate leads with the structure and campaign strategy in place. Our experts will design and develop ads that have clear calls-to-action and, therefore, maximize click-through rates to ensure they align your brand and message.

We will also create several versions of your ads to capture a larger audience segment. That allows us to pose on lowest performing while pushing the performing ones for excellent results and conversions.

Landing page design

One of the digital marketer’s most effective tools are landing pages. This is the most excellent tool for capturing clients’ contact information and converting site visitors into leads. We use customized landing page strategies to facilitate conversions and increase relevancy. Our experienced designers will ensure each landing page aligns perfectly with your ad while remaining consistent with your company’s branding.

Analysis and reporting

We continually monitor display network advertising campaign, noting areas that need improvement and optimizing.

Using URL tracking codes, we integrate your display ads with your marketing automation and CRM systems. For transparency purposes, we send regular reports to your clients with detailed analytics and performance assessment.