Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The landing page is one of the paid advertising aspects neglected by most people, but it’s equally important as your search and display ads. Any inbound marketing campaign can only be successful with well-designed landing pages. Yes, you’ve captured the interest of a lead, but for them to convert; they’ve to go to a landing page.

Thus a slow or unattractive landing page could put off lots of customers.

At Proximate Solutions, we have a great Adwords management team with designers and writers who will ensure your landing pages are perfectly designed to attract as many visitors as possible while increasing conversions. For excellent results, we use A/B testing for the headlines, copy, etc.

Landing page strategy and creation

An excellent landing page is composed of many elements and formatting them can be a challenge. At Proximate Solutions, we’ve been working on with different clients and offers for many years now, and therefore you can trust us to deliver a landing page optimization experience like no other. Our team has experience in generating landing pages that are engaging and create quality leads. Thus customers can incorporate conversion-driving elements to your pages.

Platform expertise

You have any business platforms you can use for your site landing page design, and we’re the experts. Whether it’s Marketo, HubspotWordpress, name them, we will help you create an optimized landing page for audience engagement.

Optimization of conversions

You remember the conversion-driving elements aforementioned like dynamic headlines, social proof features, button optimization, and such? We have done so many landing optimization projects, and these have given us the experience. Thus, with us, you know your landing pages will boost conversion rates.

A/B testing

You see, your landing pages have to deliver results by engaging site visitors. We always A/B test elements of your landing pages, CTAs, button design, images, and the overall format to ensure that you’ve constant yield improvement in the conversion rates.

CRM Integration

Do you know businesses like yours are automating their marketing and sales CRM platforms? Some of these are Marketo, Hubspot, and salesforce. They do this to organize customer contact information. We will help integrate your landing pages with the back-end platforms to ensure it captures the generated information, thus eliminating time wastage during manual data input.

Display Advertising services

A cost-effective way of delivering real results is through advertising across several display networks. However, high rewards always come at a high risk. With so many approaches like targeting, many bidding and placement options available, you may end up losing lots of money in record hours if wrong choices are made. Thus you need the right partner for your display advertising to be profitable.

From targeting optimization to analytics assessment, Proximate Solutions is ready and able to help you drive your digital advertising campaigns to success. We have been doing highly profitable ad campaigns for many years.