Google Shopping Campaigns

You want to put your products under the nose of your prospects? Then Google shopping campaigns are the real deal for you.

With such campaigns, any user searching for a relevant product on Google will have your product feed displayed on top of the page. It, therefore, becomes easy for the prospect to choose your product as opposed to your competitors. After all, they’ve no need to search through a handful of sites.

Proximate Solutions Adwords agency will help you set up Google Shopping campaigns for your e-Commerce business, with great designs, enticing copy, and high-quality photos, which will motivate customers to buy from you.

Tiered campaign structure

Inefficient Google shopping campaign structures can be costly to your business. You’ve budgets and bids detached from your ROI and value, and in that me, you lose critical data and insights and ultimately waste time and money chasing ad placements that don’t drive sales.

We’re experts in product listing ads management and will help set up Google shopping campaigns with optimized and efficient structures. Well, keep the bids low, focus spend on areas that give you a competitive advantage. We use a funnel-like design that is clear and well prioritized to ensure high visibility in your various campaigns.

Proximate solutions has proved to be a leader in Google shopping ads campaigns, and therefore you can trust them to deliver through tiered and perfectly prioritized campaigns.

Optimized product feed

Even if you have Google shopping campaigns that are appropriately structured, you need attractive product listing ads for success. We work with you to generate optimized shopping feeds by creating evocative, keyword-rich descriptions and titles, paired with enticing images that will draw interest and draw their attention. We have a polished team of experts who will create striking images appropriate for maximum engagement.

We check to ensure proper pricing is implemented with special offers executed promptly, making your products stand out among competitors’. We also do search term product matching to ensure that the ads listing for new products are easily found.

Granular targeting

A common mistake in Google shipping ad management has a bidding strategy that treats all products and keywords in the same way. That leads to spending lots of money on high cost, low return keywords, as opposed to keywords with the most profit potential.

We’re an experienced Google shopping agency, and we have the tricks to make the strategy work for your business. We use single product Ad groups (SPAGs) to give precision and controlled bidding structure over your products.

We also run retargeting campaigns to customers who’ve shown interest in your products and brand while minimizing wasteful spending and maximize efficiency.

Negative keywords

Proper use of negative keywords is a perfect tactic of avoiding low-ROI. An experienced Google Shopping agency like Proximate Solutions knows that negative keywords are great tools for funneling keywords to the correct campaigns while avoiding wasted ad spend.

If your negative keywords are not used optimally, you may end up having irrelevant search terms, which will be costly and no conversion. Our Google Shopping management strategy ensures you’ve the majority of keywords that convert and less money spent.

Testing and optimization

“Set it and forget it” approach no longer works with Google shopping. Yes, you want to drive improvement regularly, month on month, week after week, but if you can’t account for Google’s changing policies, algorithms, and competitors, you may be wasting your energy. A product listing Ads agency like proximate Solutions will help you execute continuous testing of keywords, bids, and ads for consistent improvement.

We optimize your campaigns based on end-to-end attribution and analyzing which devices, products, keywords, and audiences deliver the best results and high conversions for your online business.

We analyze your competitors’ campaigns to ensure you remain competitive and not fall behind.