Remarketing and Retargeting

Some of your customers have already interacted with your products. Remarketing and retargeting campaigns are meant to advertise to such.

The people you’re advertising to have shown interest in your products or services and therefore, if well-strategized, the campaigns can be very fruitful. With an extra push, have them on board.

At Proximate solutions, we will help in creating a remarketing strategy that will optimize your conversion potential. We will create a compelling copy that brings a sense of urgency so that the customer will buy it right away.

Our retargeting campaigns focus on users who have been to the home page or any other page on your site. This will ensure that your products/ services are always in front of the prospect long even after they’ve left your site. That is something valuable, especially with today’s ever-changing digital environment.

Our team at proximate Solution will devise a perfect retargeting strategy that will reignite the customer’s interest in moving down the funnel. This we do by designing creatives, audience segmentation, and writing an ad copy, ensuring an optimized campaign for conversions.

Remarketing platform expertise

We use a variety of platforms in our retargeting campaigns, which include AdRoll, Adwords, and other strategic platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. We will help you choose the appropriate ones for your marketing campaigns and incorporate tried and tested conversion methods to boost your strategy.

Creative optimization

For a robust remarketing campaign, you need an attractive offer that will keep your campaigns ignited. Proximate solutions help you identify significant orders to promote the target audience. For more clicks, our design teams will help develop ads that will drive more clicks.

Customer segmentation

Although you’ve visitors who have expressed interest in your product/ service, not all have the same needs. Thus, we have different offers and ads to specific customer segments with special interests and pain points. Accordingly, the customer experience is customized for every member of the target audience, thus drive conversions by ensuring that the ads are relevant to them. Again, to eliminate overexposure of your ads, we set up frequency capping.

Landing page strategy

A great way to maximize your lead generation is to link your retargeting ad to a customized landing page. We have the proven best market tactics to create customized landing pages while incorporating conversion- driving elements to your design.

A/B Testing

We are continually improving your campaigns, and A/B testing the retargeting ads has proved to be a perfect strategy. Our team will create several versions of an ad to test different versions’ performance on different audiences. This will ensure your campaigns are achieving the best results.


You need to know the ads and ad channels, bringing the most conversions to your business. We have URL tracking incorporated into the remarketing ads using UTM tracking or Google tag manager. Through comprehensive reports, you’ll be kept in the loop on the performance details, campaign analytics together with our experts’ insights.