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Why you need an Adwords management Agency

You may not have plenty of resources to hire a team of Adword experts. You may have been doing paid campaigns, and you feel they are not worth the amount you're spending. It's time you talk to us. We've worked with clients from various industries and helped turn their campaigns toward a profit-making trajectory.

We have managed thousands of Adwords campaigns successfully. Thus you can trust us to deliver our promise. We are not out in a trial and error endeavor, nope. We mean business; our team understands better their deliverables and know what works and what doesn't.

We'll dedicate our time if your account structure, look for better opportunities, evaluate keywords, compelling design ads, and so much more to give you value for money.

Paid Search marketing

With good experience in manning campaigns, paid search marketing can be such an invaluable tool. Our Adwords management team is ready to use the best strategy to increase conversions while lowering the CTR.

We never want you to hit a standstill, and therefore we monitor your campaigns and carefully check to see the areas that need a facelift. That could be through changing the campaign strategy, facelifting the existing one - whichever way works for you, we've got you covered.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Some of your customers have already interacted with your products. Remarketing and retargeting campaigns are meant to advertise to such.

The people you're advertising to have shown interest in your products or services and therefore, if well-strategized, the campaigns can be very fruitful. With an extra push, have them on board.

At Proximate solutions, we will help in creating a remarketing strategy that will optimize your conversion potential. We will create a compelling copy that brings a sense of urgency so that the customer will buy it right away.

Google Shopping Campaigns

You want to put your products under the nose of your prospects? Then Google shopping campaigns are the real deal for you.

With such campaigns, any user searching for a relevant product on Google will have your product feed displayed on top of the page. It, therefore, becomes easy for the prospect to choose your product as opposed to your competitors. After all, they've no need to search through a handful of sites.

Proximate Solutions Adwords agency will help you set up Google Shopping campaigns for your e-Commerce business, with great designs, enticing copy, and high-quality photos, which will motivate customers to buy from you.

Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The landing page is one of the paid advertising aspects neglected by most people, but it's equally important as your search and display ads. Any inbound marketing campaign can only be successful with well-designed landing pages. Yes, you've captured the interest of a lead, but for them to convert; they've to go to a landing page.

Thus a slow or unattractive landing page could put off lots of customers.

At Proximate Solutions, we have a great Adwords management team with designers and writers who will ensure your landing pages are perfectly designed to attract as many visitors as possible while increasing conversions. For excellent results, we use A/B testing for the headlines, copy, etc.

Display Advertising Services

A cost-effective way of delivering real results is through advertising across several display networks. However, high rewards always come at a high risk. With so many approaches like targeting, many bidding and placement options available, you may end up losing lots of money in record hours if wrong choices are made. Thus you need the right partner for your display advertising to be profitable.

From targeting optimization to analytics assessment, Proximate Solutions is ready and able to help you drive your digital advertising campaigns to success. We have been doing highly profitable ad campaigns for many years.

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