Paid Search Marketing

With good experience in manning campaigns, paid search marketing can be such an invaluable tool. Our Adwords management team is ready to use the best strategy to increase conversions while lowering the CTR.

We never want you to hit a standstill, and therefore we monitor your campaigns and carefully check to see the areas that need a facelift. That could be through changing the campaign strategy, facelifting the existing one – whichever way works for you, we’ve got you covered.

A campaign management and strategy

Our campaigns entail moving parts; we set up, optimize, monitor, and report progress. For a successful campaign, there needs a well-thought-out plan, and that’s what we offer. We have a seasoned PPC management team that has been helping clients achieve and exceed their business targets. Thus we’ll develop a customized granular campaign structure while simplifying maintenance and position you to a long-term success trajectory.

Keyword research

An effective keyword strategy is the premise on which a successful paid search campaign is anchored. We do thorough research to establish what your target audience is looking for, and using them, create content that puts you on top of the search engines. We employ advanced keywords search tools and strategies, and therefore you’ve keyword opportunities that will boost engagement and conversions.

Creative copy

Creating a stellar ad copy is the first step toward a successful ad campaign. A single word will determine whether the customer is converted or not. With our experienced team of experts who will develop a compelling ad copy and drive clicks to your target audience. We use the most effective and white hat ad practices to optimize your copies.

Creating of a landing page

A landing page is the first contact point on your site where the prospect meets the would-be solution provider. We understand how important these pages are and customize them to drive sales and conversions. Our team will do custom-made landing pages, well designed, to boost traffic and clicks in the right form length.

Measuring success

We know how costly it is to drive a paid search advertising campaign, and therefore we help set up a URL tracking for every ad, implement tracking codes, goal instances, and conversions while providing comprehensive reporting.

Budget optimization

A significant paid search management complexity is always budget optimization. This isn’t something you want to dismiss, and any negligence can cost your business badly. We have a vast experience in creating daily budgets as well as creating and optimizing keyword bids. Thus we’ll ensure your campaign performs with optimum efficiency.

Device optimization

We’re privy to the fact that with advanced technology, customers can access products and services at the palm of their hands. With our team, you have the designs, landing pages, and other paid search campaigns correctly optimized across all devices, and thus you’ve high customer engagement.

Regular comprehensive reports

We are always keeping in touch with our customers, and therefore we give comprehensive progress reports regularly. With Proximate solutions, you’re always informed of the progress of the paid search campaigns. You have the fine details and the big picture. The reports include a comprehensive performance analysis and any opportunities for improvement.