10 Ways to Boost Your SEO

Are you keen on improving your search engine ranking? You are at the right place. SEO is the surest way to ensure that your site is visible to as many prospects as possible. That will ensure that your offerings are presented in front of millions of online visitors, and if you have the right conversion tools, then you are home and dry.

Search results are more reliable and sustainable; once your site is optimized, then you keep reaping the benefits. It ensures that your clients get the right information before they make a purchase, and therefore it’s more helpful than an ad that presents the product, and you buy with little or no clue.

How then to you make boost your SEO?

  1. Great solution-based content 

At the heart of a great SEO strategy is great content. Search engines are in the business of giving their customers the best content and one that solves their problems. That should ring a bell in your head that more than great content, you need to focus on giving solutions, answers to the many questions that prospects ask.

If Google finds that you are the solution that many visitors are looking for, then it will send customers your way. If the content doesn’t add value to the viewers, then it doesn’t matter how good you implement other SEO tips, your content will never find a place.

Once the search engine sends traffic to your site and there is a good user experience, thus they spend more time and want to come back, then you can be sure they’ll send more traffic. If the experience is terrible, then the opposite is true.

Many site owners thought writing lots of content like 3 to 4 times in a week would improve SEO, but that never happens anymore. It’s about the quality of the content that you post. Do some proper research on the subject from reliable sources, use backlinks to reputable sites, and make your content as appealing as possible with a perfect balance of videos and photos.

  1. Focus on what your audience loves

We have said that viewers are looking for a valuable content- as you do this consistently; you need to keep track of the client’s responses. There will be lots of traffic and useful feedback on a piece of content than another. Now, that is probably what your audience loves. Give them more of similar content with variety. That will make you an authority on the subject, and you can be sure of more traffic, even through referrals.

You also need to identify a topic and keep writing posts on it. That way, you gain topical authority on the subject. That means once Google gets a post from you, they will assume that it is as good as others that you have done excellently before and thus rank you on top.

Before you write any post, you have to do some research on what people are looking for in your niche. You can sample a few questions and Google to see the type of search queries that prospects have. Then you can write on the same, giving solutions. It won’t take long before Google recognizes and ranks your site.

  1. A Keyword research

There are several keyword search tools available, get the Keyword tool at SEOBook or Ubersuggest, and type in the keywords or phrases that you were thinking of writing. By using a single keyword, you may not get desired results, and therefore, it will help if you get a more focused keyword phrase. For instance; instead of searching for the word “food”, you can search for “energy-giving foods”- that will most likely give you more specific results on the subject queries that you can focus on.

  1. Beware of Google’s competition

Just because a particular keyword has attracted a lot of searches doesn’t mean that Google is going to send all that your way. This is because there are more prominent players that Google considers an authority in the subject.

Thus the trick here is to look for something that attracts some decent number of searches and with minimum competition from big players. If for instance, you type in a keyword phrase that customers are searching for and you don’t get the exact keywords you type in, then it means no one has written on the subject, and if you do a good post, you could rank number 1 on the searches.

  1. Focus on great titles

You may have excellent content, very informative and with amazing photos but if you’ve not used the keywords in your title, then the rest doesn’t matter. It’s like wrapping gold in some rags; no matter how valuable it is, no one will notice it. The title is what makes your post get seen by online viewers, and thus they can read the entire content.

Put the keyword on the title and make it specific. Google will be attracted by a title that seems to answer the queries.

  1. Optimize every post

You have done some excellent research on your topic and created a quality one that you know your audience with love, great job there. If you want your post to get some good attention, then you have to optimize it for SEO.

Put the keywords in the first paragraph, URL, alt description of your images, meta-description, and ensure they are scattered naturally around your post. Avoid keyword stuffing where you use the keyword just for the sake of, let it appear naturally.

How to Boost Your SEO

  1. Install the Yoast plug-in

What is the Yoast plug-in, and what is its importance in SEO?

This plug-in analyzes your post and will let you know when you have applied the right optimization strategies to boost your SEO. It also assesses the readability of your texts, and if your content is perfect, it gives you the green light to show that you’re on the right track.

  1. Internal links and backlinks

Another perfect way of boosting your SEO and pageviews is through link-building. You have other posts in your blog or website that are related to the one you’re writing, and therefore you can link to such as you write-that is internal linking. Writing content that is pointing back to your site is proof of authority, and this improves SEO a great deal.

You could also link your content to other authority sites like Forbes, Investopedia, BBC and such. Backlinks increase the reliability of your content, and search engines are likely to trust your content and rank it high.

  1. Ensure your site is easy to navigate

Readers should find it easy to find information on your site. No one wants to be on a page that takes ages to load; they’ll most likely ignore it and look for solutions elsewhere. If your pages are easy to navigate, then the readers will be happy, and that translates to more views.

Before you click the publish button, you must ask; is it easy to find stuff here? Can your site visitors find your latest article on the home page? That will improve your SEO, and the search engines will rank you on top of the results.

  1. Optimize your site for mobile

Research has shown that over 50% of global online traffic is through the mobile phone with a total mobile share of minutes at 77% in the US alone.

That tells you people are using Smartphones to access information and do transactions online. Therefore if your site is not mobile optimized, it means you may have the right content but not accessible to the highest population.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your content is visible by the majority of online visitors. Thus you can expect more conversions and a significant improvement on the bottom-line. Get a reputable SEO service today and let them guide you on the best SEO strategies which will give you return on investment.