Website Design – 7 Easy and Simple Tips

A great looking website design can do wonders to make your online business successful on the internet. Today I will discuss some of the very basic and important website designing tips that will help you a lot in creating a great website design.

  1. The first and simple tip to be followed is to keep the design of you as simple and clean. Do not use lots of images and graphics as it will increase the download time of your website too and will distract the attention of visitor too. One thing keeps it in mind, that do not try to apply all the effects on your website, leave white space that will leave a good impact on your visitors.
  2. Secondly while designing keep it in mind that your website design should fit all kind of screen resolutions. This problem can be handled well by designing in terms of percentages.
  3. Thirdly design the website in such a manner that it downloads at a fast speed, and this can be done by keeping the design simple. It is very important because if your design will take more time in getting download there are chances that people will leave your page and move to some other site.
  4. Fourthly make it easy for your visitor to navigate through web pages because when a visitor clicks on your website he/she should not face any difficulty in going to different web pages. So try to place the menu tabs where it is easy to get clicks, this can be done by placing them on the top, right or left.
  5. Fifthly while designing website give proper attention in selecting your font color and font size, as most of the time you have experienced that you just leave a web page because its font color was irritating. So choose the font color and size that gives a good impact on your reader, you can use grey and white color for professional websites and can select colors that represent your business. What I do is I mostly used Arial and Verdana font style. One thing the pictures, graphics or videos you use in your website should be of high quality as it will add a neat and clean look to your website.
  6. Sixthly, the web copy of your website should be correct grammatically and must be interesting enough to grab the attention of visitors. Make your web copy as informative as you can and make sure it contains all the information that is required by the visitor. If the content of your website is fresh, unique and original then it will give you a double advantage as it will help you in getting top ranks in the search engines and also helps a lot in grabbing the attention of your visitors.
  7. Finally, when the design of your website is ready, test it multiple browsers. Because people are using multiple browsers to open websites, so if your website is opening well in internet explorer check it in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other browsers.

Do follow these simple and easy website design tips and experience the wonderful impact of these tips.