E-Commerce SEO | The 5 Most Important SEO Tips For Your Store

The E-commerce tycoons are obsessed with metrics. In fact, it’s this obsession with measuring and optimizing that allowed their stores to grow so fast. However, they don’t optimize every single metric available. Instead, they only optimize the right metrics. So what are these metrics? That’s why in this post we have listed the most important E-Commerce SEO Metrics for your store that will create a huge impact on your business when you track and optimize them.

E-Commerce SEO Metric #1: Website Traffic

After you’ve taken the essential steps to advance your conversion rate, it’s time to look at traffic. Visualize these numbers:

  • You have a 5% conversion rate.
  • For every 1,000 visitors to your website, you are now making 50 sales (Wow!)
  • Isn’t that remarkable?
  • More Traffic => More Sales => Happy Jiggle!

How To Get More Site Traffic

  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Metric #2: Sales Conversion Rate

Here’s a modest example:
Suppose you have 1,000 visitors coming to your website every month. Let’s imagine that your conversion rate is only a measly 0.1%. Which means… out of every 1,000 visitors coming to your website, you’re only getting 1 sale!
What does that suppose to mean? It means that you’re losing money every instant you do not augment your conversion rate. Wait! What!
Formula For Conversion Rate:
(# Of Sales) / (# of Users) x 100% = Conversion Rate

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

  • Use High-Quality Images
  • Need to add Trust Badges
  • Should add Customer-Submitted Reviews
  • Add Live Chat
  • Improve Your Value Proposition

E-Commerce SEO Metric #3: Revenue By Traffic Source

A renowned advertiser John Wanamaker once remarked:
“Half the money I spent on marketing is wasted; the problem is I don’t know which half.”
Although this quote was made 100 years ago, it still rings accurate for many businesses today. We spend all our effort, time and money trying out different traffic sources, but have absolutely no idea whether they are working.

How To Improve Revenue By Traffic Source

  • Stop Wasting Money On Channels That Don’t Work
  • Double-Down On Profitable Channels

Metric #4: Email Opt-In Conversion Rate

Email marketing remains one of the most lucrative channels you can follow for your Ecommerce store. In fact, email marketing has been shown to deliver a 40X ROI over other channels, including social media. Also, the side advantage of collecting the emails of your potential clients is the ability to control your audience.
Formula For Email Opt-In Conversion Rate
(# Of emails opted in) / (# Of users) x 100% = Email Opt-In Conversion Rate

How To Improve Your Opt-In Conversion Rate

  • Add An Opt-In Offer
  • Ask For Emails More Aggressively
  • Change Up Your Offer

Metric #5: Customer Acquisition Cost

What if every customer you acquire is causing you a loss? What if you’re spending more to get a customer than what the customer is spending at your store? Disturbing thought, yeah?
To prevent this issue, you must measure your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) first.

How To Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Improve Your Sales Conversion Rates
  • Leverage Word-of-Mouth And Referrals
  • Mix Up Free Channels With Paid Channels