How to Run a Successful SEO OR PPC Campaign


With the wide range availability of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) material and information available online, a lot of small to mid-range businesses think that they can market their online business/website on their own. As a matter of fact, you may not be very well aware of all the latest trends and updates/guidelines of Search Engines. Lessor incomplete knowledge in online marketing can surely drive you on the wrong path and the outcome will hurt your online presence badly.

To succeed with your digital marketing needs especially when it comes to SEO, you not only need the knowledge but you also need a dedicated team/company with a professional Marketing Skill Set. Many companies out there who are providing SEO Services does not involve their customers in the major process and most importantly, does not educate the customers on what they are doing and what should be done or avoided. Well, that should not be the case. Educating your customer on the process will add another helping hand on getting a better picture of the business process, how they want to grow and what should be the end results or the targeted audience.

WHAT Search Engines Prefer:

With the passage of time, majorly Google and other Search Engines keep refining their results. The question is, does that entirely depend on the Search Engines show the most relevant result. As a truth, that is not only the case. If you are not providing the correct information and in the right manner, how come you only rely on the Search Engines to get that corrected for you.

Trust and right information from users is one of the core elements of Google’s relevancy oriented search results. For business who want to get their marketing done the right way, need an expert team who knows what are the elements that should be taken care to get better results. Submitting your website to Google does not get the whole job done. You need good and authentic signals as well to get preference as well.


Without visibility, how come you expect to generate the Targeted Audience? If someone can’t discover your article related to your industry, Social Presence on Social site, positive review on business listings and other constructive signals and listing, they are not going to go for your business. Clearly, that kind of work can only be performed with a Mix & Match by a Professional SEO Company. As long as they are playing by the rules of Google’s


Many people think that they will start making money from the very first few weeks of optimization. Their phones will be ringing and they will be getting rapid ROI (Return On Investment). Well, that can be a true case only if you know what your marketing plan is. This process is a little slow, kind of a Back Burner process but with the right optimization techniques, the ultimate result will be a success.

You have to understand your Micro & Macro Goals before even getting started. A restaurant owner needs to be more bookings; a Shoe Store wants more sales, an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) needs to more reseller to sign up. With different industries, different goals come in the picture. SEO is a process of explaining what you do, submitting the correct information and spreading the word around so when a user looks for a relevant Search Query, your chances to come higher in the Search Engines Results can increase.

At the core of Google’s relevancy equation, trust itself is created through three fundamental pillars. Within those three pillars, there are more than 200 different factors that help to comprise the search giant’s core algorithms. Once you understand these fundamental pillars, you can work on building up your trust across each of these areas.


As Google’s search grew over the past many years and turned it into a dominant player, people realized the importance of ranking. Obviously, the amount of free traffic can let any business feel that now people are finding them or looking at their site but are it the traffic or the users your business really needs.

It should be your Digital Marketing Agency who needs to eliminate the regular Traffic and bring the targeted Audience on the site. Well …. What the difference between the traffic you are getting as compared to the Targeted Audience.

People with the commercial interest & Intent are always more beneficial as compared to those users who are only looking for some information; Understanding and defining the best user/traffic is important and can be achieved with the quality of keywords.

By understanding these rules and features, a successful campaign is not a dream anymore.