How can an E-Commerce website help your business to grow

You’re still operating in stone-age if your business doesn’t have an online presence in shape of an ecommerce website. Because with conventional trade methods, you may serve a specific segment in a limited area but you fail to target more markets due to your budgeting and spending on the sales staff. Having an ecommerce website can give your business wings to fly higher and reach more markets with a global presence. We, at Proximate Solutions, advocate having an ecommerce website for rapid and sustainable growth of your business if, by any chance, you offer products. Come, let’s discuss how having an ecommerce website can prove a wise decision for your business growth.


By definition, ecommerce is referred to the sale or purchase of any product using an online medium. In the late 60s, businesses started using EDIs that stands for Electronic Data Exchange which upgraded with the advent of worldwide web (WWW) in the start of 90s. Since then, businesses have drawn to offer their products via online stores, otherwise known as an ecommerce website. Back then, the first ever sold product, via online website, was a CD and today, you can sale almost anything from apparel to furniture and more. And by the end of 2nd decade of 21st century, the ecommerce websites are only going to increase with a boost of 15.5% in ecommerce sales as states OBERLO.


So, now that we know the history how ecommerce evolved from EDIs to having a unique identity among businesses you must be wondering how it can benefit your business. Here are some key advantages of having an ecommerce website for your business:

  • You’re getting new customers with SEO but having an ecommerce website can allow you to retain your existing customers, too, with a personalized dashboard where they can keep record of their purchases and wish lists.
  • By having an ecommerce website for your business, you can literally save space that would have occupied by outlets for customer dealings and routine interactions.
  • You can take your branding to the next level by utilizing all possible features offered by an ecommerce website and create a unique persona of your business.
  • An ecommerce website can help you sell specific product with more profit ratio in comparison to mainstream products that have a tough competition in the market.
  • With an ecommerce website, you can study your consumers in more details and develop your own insights about future offers and new products that you intend to sell in future.
  • Having an ecommerce website for your business bestows an unlimited control on you with being able to customize deals, offers and discounts on various occasions.
  • You can enable your visitors to compare products, differentiate prices and make the right decision by adding more features on your product page via an ecommerce website.
  • You can literally increase your profits by minimizing the expenses with an ecommerce website in comparison to traditional ways of selling products.


Before you count it, all and make the final decision about investing in an ecommerce website or not, here are some comparative points between ecommerce website and a traditional outlet. Let’s understand how offering products is different from selling them offline.

  • Normally, a business works for 12 hours since humans have an endurance limit and they need to rest. But an ecommerce website can operate round the clock, 24/7 and welcomes your customers whenever they want to purchase.
  • In order to explore new markets, you’d need to hire more sales staff which ultimately increases your cost of doing business. With an ecommerce website, you can target as many major and minor markets as you want without exceeding your spending limit.
  • Where in traditional business setups, it is quite hard to take customer’s feedback and rectify the problems quickly, you can hear them with more clarity via an ecommerce website. You can ask them to rate their experience about products or the user interface and redesign the whole website as per their ease.
  • You can avail thorough insights of how well are your products performing quickly via the dashboard of your ecommerce website. And you can make smart decisions without waiting for the audit reports from your staff that may take up to weeks.

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