How A Website Takes Part In Branding For A Small Business?

Have you ever landed on a website and immediately felt puzzled? Did the design and content and fail to inform you what the business is about, what they sell, or why you should purchase from them? Or on the other side of the spectrum, was the website cluttered with contradicting data, random design elements, and unnecessary functions?
This awful user experience is the result of a substandard branding strategy or a lack of a brand in the first place. Let’s have a piece of detail knowledge on how a website takes part in branding for a small business.

How Proximate Solutions Helps You Brand Yourself

We at Proximate know that the aim of your website is to inform customers and appeal them to trust your brand. In turn, they will convert into paying clients over time. Nevertheless, the chaotic and unorganized website design will not do the trick. You do not want users to access your website only to be confused!

In fact, if users cannot find what they want on your homepage or website, 79% will exit your website and search for another site to complete their search. Considering 81% of users complete wide research online before doing a purchase, your website needs to have a potent brand strategy. And that is why we are here to serve your website designing needs i.e. with responsive design and SEO optimized content.

An Effective Brand Strategy

After launching your brand, we devise a potent brand strategy for your business. Our effective brand strategy classifies the goal for your brand as well as how to best achieve them using the multiple components of your brand including the logo, language, and trademarks also called as a brand standards guide. While much of your brand strategy will emphasize on how to appropriately use the brand across marketing and company strengths, these 7 modules are the hallmarks of our brand strategy:

  • Purpose: Define your business vision.
  • Loyalty: Discuss how to appreciate and recognize your loyal customers.
  • Consistency: Guarantee a seamless representation of your brand.
  • Emotion: What is the tone of voice for your company? How should your brand convey sentiment?
  • Employee Involvement: Describe how workers can best represent and promote the brand.
  • Competitive Awareness: Examine your competitors and determine how to distinguish your brand.
  • Flexibility: Identify how and when to turn, if essential.

A Website With Clear Message

Equipped with a defined brand and detailed brand strategy, our marketing team knows how to correspond your brand message via the company website. Our website copy is:

  • Informational
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Captivating
  • Entertaining
  • Supported with Your Brand Strategy
  • Crucial Company Information

When customers land on your website, they want info ASAP. Or, they want to know where on your site they can find that particular information. Information users commonly look for includes:

  • Prices
  • Products and Services
  • Hours of Operation
  • Product Information
  • Store Location and Directions
  • Employee Bio
  • Company History

Forgetting to incorporate such fundamental information can leave potential clients with a bad impression of your brand. We guarantee you to place the significant details where visitors can find them.
Launch Your Brand Website

After methodically developing and defining your brand and strategy, you can share it with the world by developing a WordPress website. Remember, your website is a reflection of your brand—not an annex—make sure it follows your strategy too!

Make your brand soar among the rest with Proximate Solutions.