Essential Features Of Real Estate Website Design

If a potential homebuyer or vendor in your market territory is searching for insights in a specific neighborhood that you represent, would they be able to discover it effectively? Will they need to navigate a few pages? Shouldn’t something be said about your Real Estate Website Design? Is it speaking to guests or is it pushing them away?

Today there are many essential features of real estate website design that create a successful website. These features conclude whether or not your Real Estate Website Design will outshine the rest or fall behind.

Search-Ability—User-Friendly Search

In order to get visitors to find what they’re looking for within a few clicks, you need to offer easy to use the property search feature. Refining search-ability includes adding options for more advanced search (map search, property type search, etc.) and a basic IDX search bar on your homepage. When users search within your website, they should be able to easily steer around and find the information that they are looking for.

Mobile Supported

Mobile users look down on website designers that do not optimize their websites for the mobile interface. Since more users access the Internet via a mobile device than via desktop computer today, supporting your website to function properly on smartphones and tablets is essential.

Your mobile site should reflect your main real estate website. If you use high-quality video and images on your website, make sure that those videos and images show up on all mobile devices appropriately.

Quality Information

When creating content for your website, you should always focus on delivering quality information. Prosperous real estate websites master these two key features: follow up and education.

Educate: the preeminent real estate websites educate without lecturing. They are able to keep their visitors occupied with interesting information that is original, unique and helpful.

Interaction—Follow Up

Remember to always respond within a 24 hour period to inquiries. Put auto-responders in place to direct queries to pertinent information. Nearly 80% of consumers complain about a lack of response as a chief reason for refusing to do business with specific companies. Make your services stand out with personal follow up and on-call response.

Aesthetic Quality—Attractiveness

Many real estate agent websites focus too much on appearance while ignoring functionality or vice versa. There is no need to detriment one for the other. Attractive looking websites that function beautifully as well is what must you have.


The functionality of your website is equally important as much as the aesthetic quality is concerned. Broken links, no mobile capability, slow loading pages, search functionality errors and blank pages are all reasons why users will bounce back from your website and continue searching for a more proficient real estate agent in your area. Aesthetic quality and functionality go hand in hand.

Gearing up for a design makeover for your agent website is now easy. Plan your revamp around a smart marketing strategy that incorporates the aforementioned essential features of a real estate website.