Can your business survive during COVID19? Here’s How

It was a bad start with China facing a serious issue at its Wuhan city that has spread all over the world in just a few weeks. The world stands at a turning point where anything can go either wrong or a miracle can save us all from going bankrupt. This appears to be a tough phase for businesses, especially small businesses, who run on limited capitals and can’t survive during long lockdowns. In such financial crises, how do you plan to stay in the safe zone when you don’t see any customer stepping inside from the entrance? Well, we have a recommendation to make i.e. shift your business to online trading methods and sell your services/products using a local business website. Come, let’s discuss how your business can stay alive in this suffocating environment of coronavirus on the life support of a business website.


In case you’re still unaware of current situations and prefer living inside your own world, let’s have a look at this catastrophic pandemic that has completely shut down the Earth. Coronavirus is basically a zoonotic disease that spreads on the human touch. This disease has a different lifespan on each surface and, sadly, there has not been an effective cure that can treat this condition. This has forced everyone to stay inside which made things worse for businesses who survive on customers walking into their outlets.


Where the governments are ensuring the maximum safety of their citizens, the business community is facing a lot more challenges to continue their commercial activities. Come, let’s discuss some of the key issues faced by businesses during the lockdowns all across the globe.

  • In quest of reducing the spread of novel coronavirus in students, the educational institutes were first closed all over the world.
  • Restaurants and tourist spots were immediately closed from public usage sensing the spread of coronavirus in the presence of insufficient preventive measures.
  • The third stage was the nationwide lockdowns recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) which is named self-quarantine for at least 21 days.
  • Only limited businesses were kept open but on a small window until this pandemic goes down in the graph.
  • Shopping malls and other spacious places are turned into temporary observatories to accommodate new cases and separate the affected patients from other people.
  • Intercity travels are stopped and people are advised to avoid stepping out of their houses to stay away from COVID 19.


Since you run a small business and have a staff that looks up to you in this serious pandemic situation, you can’t just stop your business activities for a whole month. We don’t ask you to initiate your business activities and violate the lockdown rules but we do suggest you to shift your business online and maintain the lead generation process via a business website. So, here are some advantages that you can expect from your business website and survive in this uncertain, serious economic situation:

  • Your physical outlets are closed but your virtual shop can stay open 24/7 and that without breaching any laws during the lockdown. Having a business website can enable you to continue your business operations even when your physical commercial premises are not fully active.
  • Since everyone is locked down into their houses, they still need to make purchases and your products/services could be valuable for them. They can’t reach you by roads but they can find you online via a business website.
  • Online deliveries are picking the pace (with preventive measures, not to mention) and this is the best time to offer home deliveries. And this gesture can make you a trustable service provider in the dark hours in human history.
  • A smart business owner knows his way to find opportunities even in the toughest times. And we’re sure that you do have applicable solutions that you can pitch to your customers using a business website.
  • The best part is that you don’t need to lay off your sincere staff due to the financial fear of COVID-19. Just revise their duties and utilize them in your online selling plan and benefit from their services to your business.

Proximate Solutions stands with you in this tough situation and extends its web development and SEO services to have a robust business website. Sell online, beat COVID-19, and survive this financial crisis but in a smart way.