Best E-Commerce Platforms For Your Website in 2019

Picking the best E-Commerce Development platform is not a simple task. There are many factors to consider and the market is so wide. Your choice has a lot of influence on your online business, so it’s significant to give it enough thought before signing up.

But what is an E-commerce platform? An E-Commerce Development platform is a piece of software that allows you to build an online store and run a business online. It gives you the tools to construct and manage your site including day-to-day operations and products. Most of the E-commerce builders use drag and drop functions.

To help you with that, I’ve prepared the best E-Commerce Development platforms for your website. In the end, I hope you are ready to make a decision on which platform is the right one for you.

SiteBuilder – Best for Beginners

SiteBuilder is one of the best website builders I have reviewed so far. Now I have explored its E-commerce options, which seem nice enough.

It’s really simple to use. Like I-have-never-seen-a-website-interface-before easy. Their drag-and-drop interface is simple, intuitive and comprehensive. SiteBuilder has everything you need to get started – domain, analytics tools, hosting, SEO, and adequate E-commerce tools. It comes with unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

 Wix Stores – Simple, Beautiful, Affordable

Wix is initially a website builder that allows you to build websites via drag and drop. Most of all, it also has characteristics that allow you to create an online store.

The E-commerce platform is easy to use and quick to set up. There is no coding needed, you can plainly drag content anywhere on your site with the manageable editor. Obviously, Wix provides a fully featured shopping cart with all the functionality you require. There are several apps in the official app market to further smart up your website.

BigCommerce – Best for Small Business

BigCommerce offers a hosted E-commerce solution both as a shopping cart as well as a full SAAS platform for other types of websites. It’s probably most similar to Shopify. The two of them are often stated in the same breath.

The E-commerce platform emanates with great store management competencies. It offers a large number of features and tools, e.g. promotions, options to handle returns, unlimited product variants, discounts, and coupons. Another highlight is the flexible shipping options that allow live quotes and rate calculation.

Shopify – Best for Boutique Shops

Shopify has become one of the most renowned names in the E-commerce domain. It’s a fully featured hosted solution with hundreds of users. The commerce platform is super simple to use and quick to set up. Just sign up with your email address and you can start creating your shop and selling right away. The innate interface also makes it easy to create items and includes SEO features such as title tag and meta description.

E-commerce platforms can be a good solution for starting an online shop. They provide all the necessary features and specified functionality to make selling online a success.