6 Essential SEO Trends in 2020 Every Marketer Must Know

Another year, another chapter in the book of the SEO world that marketers look forward curiously. The technological advancement, added to major search engines, bring opportunities for digital marketers who want to rank higher and improve the bounce rate of their sales page. So, we brought 6 key SEO trends in 2020 that you can add to your marketing plans and make the most out of them. We, at Proximate Solutions, invite you to take a closer look at these trends and realign your marketing strategies. And if you find any of them useful, you’re free to share your feedback in the comment section at the end of this page. Let’s start!


Did you know that mobile search accounts for 56% of total searches that are conducted on the web? And this is the first SEO trends in 2020 that you must note down for the inclusion in your marketing strategy. Because this is a profitable opportunity for marketers to claim their share in mobile search by optimizing their website pages for mobile visitors. Google announced its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) roll out in September 2020 which improves the page’s load speed for the visitors when they access a page via their smartphone.

Plus, Google’s new updates in search algorithms will prioritize those websites that are optimized for the mobile view. So, this is a green chit for those companies that are investing in mobile SEO along with other search mediums. Plus, you can improve your insights by adding mobile-based searches into your analytics and understand your visitors thoroughly. Because this would help you in optimizing the content for them more effectively.


In the race of ranking higher, structured data is one of the most important SEO trends in 2020 that you must include in your digital marketing plan. This would help you in optimizing your website so it can guide the search bots in developing the correlation between pages when they visit your website.

Though, analysts claim that the search engines display smart search results or intent-based searches but we need to wait a few more years to see it happen with full potential. Despite all the advancements in the search engine world, major search engines still use structure to make connections of each information with the other piece of content. This is why you must pay attention to your site’s structure and link each page carefully (and wisely) to tell the search bots which pages is related to another one and in what capacity? And this will benefit you in stabilizing your website’s bounce rate, too.


Are you ignoring the canonical corrections and HREF-Lang correction with various other technical SEO parts of your website? Well, you need to pay attention to these important pillars that can help you boost the search volume of your website in unimaginable ways. UX is a hot topic when we talk about SEO trends in 2020 and technical SEO plays a vital role in the improvement of your website’s overall experience from the viewpoint of the visitor.

In simple, non-technical words, you can retarget the visitors who stumbled upon your website and explored some of the section without making any purchases. Plus, you can improve the website’s content and visitor’s favorite sections by paying attention to technical SEO. This can uplift your digital marketing strategies a notch up when you know the weak spots of your website and how to fix them for better user experience when they land on your website.

6 Essential SEO Trends in 2020 Every Marketer Must Know


Link building, a practice that many consider outdated and more like a liability on SEO’s budget is gaining traction once again in 2020. But this time it would be slightly different, with more weightage, as search analysts are predicting that link building will make a comeback with a brand-building approach. So, it is the SEO manager’s duty to infuse link building in such a natural (and positive) way that people trust the company whenever, wherever they read about its services or products. Because we tend to share only that information that we find credible and shareworthy. And this share-fusion can increase the chances of more traffic and eventually more conversion.


It is a known fact that content (quality one, only) acts as the blood in SEO and it is not going anywhere even in 2020. So, you must add high-quality content in your SEO To-Do list for expecting higher search volumes and more traffic to your website. But there are a few aspects that you must keep in mind while creating and publishing the content. Forget quantity and focus more on the quality of the content that is relevant to the searcher’s queries. Because this is the only requirement that search engines are still demanding from the publishers when they rank pages.


BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representation) is a prominent breakthrough in SEO’s universe that holds the capacity to change the face of search forever. With this new addition to the list of SEO trends in 2020, you can expect more relevant searches, in the natural language that your prospective searchers use to describe your products. This would add useful changes to Google’s search algorithm that presents relevant and useful searches in front of the searcher seeking the kind of products or services you sell via your business website.

Comment below if you think there are more SEO trends in 2020 that should be added to this list. Contact Proximate Solutions to update your SEO strategies and make them relevant according to these trends that are listed above.