5 Must-Know Web Development Trends For Small Businesses

Upgrading a business website brings many challenges towards the CMOs and small business owners as each year the development trends change. We, at Proximate Solution, understand your concerns when you want to add new features to your business website but have no idea what to say to your development agency. Believe us, you’re not alone who faces such challenges while discussing the website development trends for 2020. And you don’t need to worry at all! Because we’ve brought a handy list for you to find the key web development trends in 2020. Come, let’s see what’s in this year in the website development universe that you can consider adding in your business website.


If you’re aiming at making your website an ideal place for your visitors with maximum conversion rate, you must go for responsive design. We know you heard this term too often in the past but why is it getting so popular in 2020? That’s because of a major shift in searchers from desktop devices to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Fact Check: Mobile search jumped from 35% to 42% by 2017 and the number is increasing with each passing year.

This sharp surge in mobile searches has prompted Google (the major search engine) to introduce Mobile-First Indexing for new (and old) websites. In their recent update on their official blog, they announced Mobile-First Indexing to be implemented by September 2020 across the world. This is a big opportunity to cash the big chunk from searcher’s charts and optimize your business website for the mobile visitors and gain maximum benefit off this update in Google’s search algorithm. So, if your intentions are to make your business website responsive, this is the best time to take action and stay prepared for anyone coming to your website via a smartphone.


Speaking of web development trends in 2020, chatbots are gaining popularity in the customer service sector. Companies are reluctantly planning to add chatbots into their business website for faster interaction with the customers who have a complaint regarding their service or product. 2020 is the year that was predicted for chatbot’s new era but industries are far away to replace the human customer care agents with a chatbot. This slow pace could be linked to the dislike of customers when they don’t want to speak to a program but an actual human being. But this number is divided into two groups where one is comfortable with the new method and the other seems unwelcoming towards this innovative way of communication.

If you’re truly motivated to beat your competitors with a strategic website upgrade, you must go for chatbot addition. This can help you in reducing the after-sale expenses by minimizing the customer care staff to half along with offering your customers something futuristic. Plus, you can add customization to the chatbots and welcome your customers in a personalized manner whenever they come to your platform with their queries.


Did you know that every website less than 15 seconds to grab the attention of coming visitors? What if that time is taken by the page’s load speed and you miss a potential lead due to the delayed loading? We have a useful web development trend in 2020 in our list to suggest a viable solution for reducing the load speed time in form of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). If you don’t want to lose that potential sale at the expense of slow page speed, you can invest in AMP and upgrade your website to load faster.

Fact Check: By incorporating AMP in your business website, you can reduce the load time to 7 seconds only.

This means you’d have 50% more chances to convert the visitor into a confirmed sale by loading the page faster than non-AMP websites.


Are you badly failing to gain the retention rate needed for a successful sales cycle? Well, our next web development trend in 2020 could solve your problem i.e. Motion UI. Reduced attention span can fail your marketing plans due to ineffective data compiled by the Analytics tools you use which can lead to creating ineffective marketing policies. For dealing with this issue, you can simply add movements to a certain sections of your website and gain back the attention of your visitors when they land on your website. In simple words, you need to present content in floating form so your visitor doesn’t feel bored and distracted from static text and white background. Because if he feels so, he’ll leave the page instantaneously and you’ll lose a potential client.


In earlier days of voice search there were Siri and Google Assistant in the competition but today we’ve more options to search via voice including Cortana, Alexa, and Echo by Amazon. If we look closely, our generation has an advantage in the form of voice search which is a fruitful opportunity for businesses, too. In comparison to the last decade, the voice search has gained a large share of the search graph (35 times than its initial days). And this is why we’ve added voice search optimization in our list of web development trends in 2020 that you must consider for your website upgrade.

If you’re willing to add one of these web development trends in 2020, Proximate Solutions is ready to help you. Take your business website upgrade queries to our qualified team of developers and get ready to convert more sales with a robust business website, today.