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Proximate Solutions’ team of Web & Graphic designers can bring inspiring ideas and thoughts to the table. Our goals is to design websites for better user engagement, with every important element, necessary spaces and CTA (Call To Action) positioned for the vital impact which will attract user to convert.

Our calculated approach, imaginative abilities and marketing insight really help to design a website that can better perform.

If your site is not performing well or it has been a long time of period that you updated your website, its not too late to get started. Remember that “Change is Always Good” and bringing in new and off course sensible changes will always help you engage more users. It can be a time for a full website revamp or you can tweak the existing site as well.

Proximate Solutions team has the expertise which is for sure above and beyond the ordinary or old school designs. We take the design process a game of chess where we have to play with all the future moves in mind. Every detail needs to be put in place to inspire user and get response from your target audience. Our team is expert and can easily work with the following technologies;

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Joomla Website Design
  • Drupal Website Design
  • Magento Website Design
  • Custom Website Design


In today’s rapid competitive market, you do not just need a pretty look website but you need more than just a regular look & feel website. If it’s done right by keeping in mind all the technology glitches and new trends, your website can do all the “heavy lifting” for your business. Delivering a pleasant digital experience which will help converting your potential prospects into customers is not a dream anymore.

Unfortunately, many small business owners in New York are leaving money on the table with cookie cutter websites that does not perform the way it should be. Unlike other web design firms, proximate solutions do not only care about how attractive your web page will look like. We are specialize getting you a website that will load quickly, list all important details nicely and most importantly give the ease of access to the users so that they have an end action to perform. Here are some of the qualities of Proximate Solution Website Design Company;

  • Dedicated Designers
  • Built with SEO & Marketing in Mind
  • 100% Open Source
  • Responsive Design
  • Experienced & Affordable

You have seen our work already in our Portfolio so hire a Professional Web Design Company Today!

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