WordPress Landing Page

WordPress Landing Page, Sales and Squeeze Pages

In the area of marketing and online advertisement, a landing page or lead capture page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking a search result or online advertisement. The goal behind landing pages is to turn site visitors in to potential sales.
Proximate Solutions understand the importance of creating effective landing pages, that is why our expert pour creativity into each aspect of a perfect wordpress landing page including:-

  • Page Headlines and Copy of Advert:- We make sure that the page headlines and the wording used in the advertisement are relevant and consistent to each other.
  • Clear Headlines:- Making sure that visitor reads our message without being bored is a top priority. Our wording focuses on specific point.
  • Excellent Grammar:- We make sure that the content written on our entire website including the landing page is written using perfect English grammar. Spelling errors and poor grammar always puts the reputation at stake.
  • Using Strong Call to Action buttons that stand out :- After the visitor has read the advert, it is important that our visitor clearly understands what to do next. That is why in our landing page layout, we make use of clearly visible buttons with labels such are “buy now” or “download now for free”, hence ensuring that our visitors know what to do and how to do it.
  • Scroll-less Experience :- If a visitor has to scroll for a part on your landing page, there is a great chance it will be either be disregarded or overlooked. That is why me make sure that all important part of the page, such as Call to Action Buttons, are placed where the viewer is most likely to see it without scrolling.

Proximate Solutions invests heavily in Researching, Development and implementation of the latest trends and techniques in creating the optimal WordPress landing page.