Website Enhancement, Updates and Modifications

Website Enhancement

Proximate Solutions is proud of their up-to-date website designs, largely due to the hours they invest in researching the latest trends in website design development. Our experts believe that an out-dated design will do more harm than good to your brand image. That is why Proximate Solutions has brought forward a list of website enhancement that will guarantee a website that will stand out in terms of design in the times to come, including:-

  • Animations:-
    • In the past web designers have been trying to get rid of animations for good. But as of 2015, animations are considered to be the next big thing. This has become possible largely due to the fact that animations have become stylish and clever, and new more intelligent ways of using animations have been discovered.
  • Ghost Buttons:-
    • Excessive Call to Action buttons are a thing of the past, today transparent and elegantly designed buttons that that blend with the background are become increasingly popular. Despite their delicate appearance and subtle border they have no difference on the number of clicks. Nonetheless, their simplicity and smooth appearance make your website increasingly attractive.
  • Blog:-
    • Aside from generating valuable search traffic, a blog is a powerful marketing tool that can assist in promoting your website, services and products in increasingly creative and informative ways.
  • Social Media:-
    • Basically, website enhancement in terms of Social Media implies creating content in hopes of sharing across social media networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Reason being, search engines highly consider the endorsements made by these social networks.

Proximate Solutions offers expert services for all website enhancement at economical rates. Our experts will advise you on which feature is best for your brand, apart from the ones mentioned above. Contact us.