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Creative Website Design Services Los Angeles

At proximate Solutions, we understand that the groundwork for a professional and effective project begins with the understanding and relation we build with the customers. As you know, web designing is not just creating a nice look & feel anymore. The whole ball game has changed now. Your website should be more than a regular site if you want to attract more visitor and definitely getting good leads from it.

We take all the time it needs to understand your business model and add our skills and expertise to make your website an effective part of your business. In today’s world, a website is considered as the primary way to make a first impression on the users. If you own website is not able to portray your design aesthetics, your skills and the creative abilities, the user may not get interested in considering you as an option for their next website design work.

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In past, it was never been that important for a company’s website to be compatible with all browsers, formats and screen sizes. But now, with so many Internet enabled devices and different set of web browsers in the market, you have to make sure that your users can experience the same ease of access on any device and browser they are using. Proximate Solutions will help you to have a website that not only looks awesome but works seamlessly.

As you may already know, after the last update by Google called “Mobilegeddon”, the value of having a responsive website shows how useful it will be in near future. Even now, Google’s mobile friendly score is weighted more heavily than especially when it comes determining ranking and overall web score and mobile traffic. Proximate Solutions not only have the designers but professional and certified UX & UI experts who help building marketing and user friendly website for you.


  • A website that will communicate with all browser and devices flawlessly
  • Fully functional with good speed score
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accessible Call to Actions for better goal conversion
  • On Time Project Completion
  • A complete QA (Quality Assurance)

UX & UI Strategy
During the UX (User Experience) strategy phase, our team to experts spent fair amount of time building out the wireframe models and testing them for usability on small screens. We make sure to use different elements and place holder in a way that it can produce the best possible experience for the users.

After seeing our work and portfolio, we can assure you that this is just the beginning of our creative thoughts and expertise. On the completion of you final website, we are sure that will be another mater piece addition to our work gallery.

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