WordPress Custom Theme Design & Customization

WordPress Custom Theme and Plugins

An increase has been observed in the number of websites built using WordPress over the years, mainly due to the fact that WordPress allows you to create websites using thousands of different themes with such ease.
Proximate Solutions realizes the importance of using a website design that make your website standout from the rest. That is why we ensure the proper application of all the necessary factors of a wordpress custom theme that make your website successful, including the following:-

  • Browser compatibility and Responsive Design:-
    • Creating a website and seeing how it looks on a browser of your choice is easy. However, it is not necessary that all your visitors will be using the same browser as well. The same can be said about screen size and device. Today, users access the Internet using different devices including, mobile phones, tablet pcs, desktops and laptops. Therefore it is important to offer a WordPress Custom theme that also ensures responsive web design and multi-browser compatibility.
  • Time to Load:-
    • With the extremely limited time that a visitor spends on your website, it is crucial that the page load time is kept at a minimum. That is why when we work on you wordpress custom theme, we advise and implement design aspects that make sure of this.
  • WordPress Theme Customization:-
    • Ok, we realize the importance of website that is easily viewed on all browsers and devices and takes very little time to load. But having a beautiful website to represent you brand is much more than this. With our help we can create a customized website that can be easily modified according to your taste in terms of layout, colour schemes and menu organisation.

Proximate Solutions has a dedicated team that can work round the clock to work on a wordpress custom theme for what works best for your brand. If interested contact us.