WordPress Shopping Cart

The transition of personal computers to network enabled computers has made the Internet accessible to the masses. Following in the footsteps was the age of tablets and handheld devices giving us more convenient applications of the Internet. Among which, the sale and purchase of services and products over the Internet or commonly known as E-Commerce is the most talked about. Businesses are striving towards running successful E-Commerce projects and if you too wish to build an eCommerce website using a powerful eCommerce solution, we can help!

Proximate Solutions has been working on various eCommerce platforms since its inception almost a decade ago. Our eCommerce solutions incorporate the two most popular WordPress Shopping Cart platforms available today, i.e. Prestashop and WooCommerce, simply because:-

  • They are free and open source:-
    • ¬†You are presented with the best eCommerce system on a tight budget. The money saved can be used for enhancing other aspects of your website.
  • SEO Friendly:-
    • SEO is used for improving ranks of a website on a SERP. A SEO friendly website guarantees good online traffic the same rules apply to eCommerce sites. With the ease of access to URL and title tags, SEO experts have high praises for these platforms.
  • Easy to Develop and integrate with WordPress:-
    • WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, because of which past users will be more familiar to the WordPress interface, saving up on time and misunderstandings, whilst promoting creativity.
  • Huge Room for growth and rapidly changing:-
    • Modifying templates are made easy via the theme files, various APIs can be used for building extensions, along with a detailed documentation library.
  • Familiar And Popular:-
    • Is part of 51 % of the top websites currently in existence
  • Easy to use and Professional:-
    • Despite being free and easy to use, both wordpress shopping cart platforms will not let you down in terms of functionality. Including features such as detailed order tracking, ability to view past and open orders, inventory management, and delivery update status.

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