Website Logo and Corporate Branding Design

Website Logo and Corporate Branding

Proximate Solutions has been developing attractive and memorable website logos for various companies and brands for many years. Our experts have identified the key elements that need to be incorporated in effective corporate branding and continue to develop on them. These include:-

  • Logo:-
    •  As the image and stamp for your brand, your logo is maybe the most important part of your brand identity and it is also the most recognisable. Our logo designs are aimed at being simple, timeless, memorable, and easily identified in less than three seconds.
  • Colours:-
    •  The colours used communicate various messages can become so memorable that a brand can be recognized solely a specific colour pattern. This fact is kept in mind when out designers make a logo or professional business card.
  • Font:-
    • Just like colours, it is crucial to choose fonts that can be used in all of your company’s resources. It is a good idea to make use of similar fonts in website logos, professional business cards and other relevant business design elements.
  • Images:-
    • Despite being a core component of any marketing material, the use of imaging has increased drastically in the recent times. As a result, you incorporate as many images as possible in your marketing materials that are relevant to your products and services.