Website Design & Responsive Layouts

Web site Design

Web site Design and Development incorporates the range of skills needed for the production and maintenance of websites. There was a time that a business could survive without having an up-to-date website to showcase their latest products and services. However, in the recent years businesses are investing substantially on their websites out of necessity, as a website has now the greatest means of advertisement for your product.
At Proximate Solutions our web site design experts are well aware of the devastation an outdated website layout design can cause to your brand. We focus all our energies on providing the most current and up to date designs.
With Responsive Web Design we provide the best viewing and user interface experience for your website on a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Without this important feature, you will be missing out on the millions of customers who use mobile devices to access the Internet.

We are very careful in selecting our website layout designs. Our websites incorporate some of the latest design trends including:-

  • Creative Scrolling Effects:-
    Equipping your website with creative and usable scrolling effects can not only augment your website’s beauty, they also add to the practicality.
  • Large Images and Fonts:-
    More than half of the visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. In this short time you can convey your message effectively using large clear fonts and full screen background images.
  • Simple Design and Easy to Use:-
    Most successful websites today avoid flamboyant designs and graphics. Simplicity and ease of access go a long way.

Here at Proximate Solutions we understand how important a website is to your business. Our Customer-Centric staff specialise creating a balance between form and functionality. We rely heavily on familiarising ourselves with a client’s Business to allow open communicating of ideas. Our skilled designers integrate the latest web development technologies and trends, giving you an edge over your competition.
We provide specialised services that are tailored to your needs, budget and time frame.