Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, Website design, Website design development, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing.

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gathering awareness for a website through Social Media Platforms. The purpose is to create content that encourages readers to ‘like’ and ‘share’.

Proximate Solutions focuses on the developing content that promotes Electronic Word of Mouth (EWoM). This allows for the views of users related to a particular brand or product to be shared over a social media platform.

Direct Solution also realizes the importance of Mobile Phones today. The phones today possess the technology to keep them constantly connected to the internet, and in turn keep them connected to social network sites. This means that organisations can notify their users of latest happenings, offers and other news at real time, keeping users exposed to frequent advertisements.

Direct Solutions implements SMM, by using a model that consists of the following steps.

  • Choice of Social Networks to target.
  • Layout of Financial Strategy.
  • Statement of operational units to execute Social Network marketing.
  • Identification of audience.
  • Advertising of the brand.
  • Monitor effectiveness.