Payment Gateway Integration and Development

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway is a feature for e-commerce websites that allows the website to link the website’s account with the client’s bank account. Proximate Solutions has incorporated Payment gateways as they secure credit account details instead of sending them online. With Payment Gateway Integration Online shopping has become easier and more efficient. We are aware of the various payment gateways that exist but with our years of experience we have identified the best options available. At the moment, PayPal and WorldPay are among the most reputable payment gateways. Payment gateway integration can exist in two forms:-

  • Hosted Payment Gateways:
    • Hosted Payment Gateways direct the user away from your website to the real gateway page by clicking the gateway link for some time while making payments only to come back to your website. The benefit of this type is that you do not need a Merchant ID as no details are needed from your website. PayPal and WorldPay are both examples of hosted payment gateways.
  • Shared Payment Gateway:
    • Shared Payment Gateways direct the user away from your main page to the payment page by clicking the payment link for some time while making payments after entering credit card details only to come back to the main page. The main benefit is that one does not get away from your website thus fast and easy to use. Example of this type of gateway is eWay.


So, if you are concerned about Payment Gateway Integration for your online business, contact us