Mobile Friendly Layouts

Give your customers and visitors mobile friendly experience

It comes as no surprise that in the near future Mobile Devices will be taking over, PC and Laptops for internet usage with the help of mobile friendly layouts. Keeping in mind the future trends, We have built a reputation on creating websites that promote an excellent web browsing experience for both desktop devices and mobile devices.

It is estimated that:-

  • In 2 years 4 out of 5 consumers will use their smartphones to shop.
  • In 2015 51% Users accessed the internet using mobile devices as compared to 42% of desktop users.
  • $28.7 Billion was spent on Mobile Advertisement, and this is expected to become more than double by 2019

We realize the importance of Responsive Design and Mobile Friendly layouts in promoting a web experience that is

Flexible:- That allows the content, including text and images, to move more freely across all screen resolutions and sizes.

User Friendly:- A user friendly experience enables visitors to absorb content of all websites using the device of their convenience, anytime. With the help responsive web design optimal user experience can be provided regardless of device type and screen size.

Having mobile friendly layout means single site that can be viewed on all devices, We are trusted by their client all over in providing excellent web solutions that display beautiful mobile friendly layouts.

We provide specialized services that are tailored to your needs, budget and time frame. Contact us to get free estimate on your project.