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Email Templates

Email Marketing has played a major role in promoting various businesses, products and trends over the years. Below is list of benefits that the otherwise underrated marketing feature brings:-

  • It is more effective than social media in terms of customer gathering.
    • This in no way means that social media marketing can be ignored. It is still a great way to get a fan following for your brand. However when it comes to turning ordinary people into members, customers and supporters email marketing containing business newsletter is the way to go.
  • It is cost effective:-
    • Email marketing costs nearly nothing but allows business owners to reach a much larger number of customers around the world. Beautifully crafted email templates are easier to modify and reuse than other marketing materials.
  • Its action oriented:-
    • Almost everyone who owns an email address is capable of replying, forwarding, clicking through and even joining. Therefore email marketing is believed to be a mode of customer creation that requires very basic amount technical know-how.
  • Is widely accessible:-
    • With the globalization of mobile devices and smart phones, keeping up to date with emails has never been easier. Today an email can be read, responded to and even forwarded at any given time and place.

Proximate solutions has recognized and appreciated the importance of email marketing, therefore we have a dedicated team that works round the clock to create up to date email marketing material including newsletters designs, business newsletters and email templates.