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Email Marketing Services

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Email Marketing has played a major role in promoting various businesses, products and trends over the years. Below is list of benefits that the otherwise underrated marketing feature brings. However effective email marketing is not as easy as it some might think. Email marketing requires skills, and Proximate Solutions has nailed them. We make sure to :-

  • Offer an incentive of signing up:- It is a good idea to offer a free gift after your visitors sign up for your email. When someone gets good value from your free content, there us greater chance they will buy your premiums stuff.
  • Use automation:- We make sure to incorporate auto responders so that your website can respond to emails 24/7.
  • Focus on the details:- Our custom email design makes use of
    • Attractive headlines.
    • Analysis of when to send the email (Best time of the day).
    • To the point email text.
  • Your list should keep growing:- It should also be made sure that you constantly work on increasing your risk, even if you have a 500,000 people in your emails contacts list.

Proximate solutions has recognized and appreciated the importance of email marketing, therefore we have a dedicated team that works round the clock to create up to date email marketing material including newsletters designs, business newsletters and email templates. If interested contact us