CMS Development – CRM

CMS Development (Web Based Content Management System, CRM)

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a system that is used for recording and managing the way a business communicates with tis customers. A CRM is usually incorporated using a database that holds details of its customers. With the help of this information a business can get a better idea of the type of customer a business is attracting, as result the business is able to build better plans for future business.

A Web Based Content Management System (CMS) is used to create and update web pages. The way a CMS works is critical, usually a web designer creates website framework that incorporates graphics and banners and with the help of the CMS the actual content is managed.

There are plenty of CMS systems available for free and others that need to be purchased.  Your web designer will often have a preferred CMS and create your website using their preferred tool.  I tend to build websites using WordPress or a CMS system of my own design.

With so many Web Based Content Management Systems and Customer Relationship Manager Systems available, it often becomes difficult to choose the one right for your business. However unlike others, Proximate Solutions has created a culture for creating efficient CMS and CRM keeping the following in mind:-

  • Type of content:-
    • The type of content being created or updated is a major concern when creating CMS or CRM. The page size, layout and complexity vary from one customer to another.
  • Skill of Users:-
    • Users interacting with of system may vary from skilled or unskilled and frequent or infrequent. The number of users is also taken under consideration.
  • Overall Usage:-
    • The formats that the content will be published (web, paper, wireless, etc) is also considered when designing an authoring tool.

If you are interested in Web Based Content Management System or Customer Relationship System designed strictly for you, contact us.