Brochure and Flyers Designing and Development

Brochure and Flyers

Proximate Solutions understands that creating Effective Brochures and Flyers is not just about the flashy graphics and colours, we also realise the importance of :-

  1. Understanding your customer:-
    • Before anything else, make sure you understand your customer’s needs. Some questions you should ask yourself is:-
      • Why would they want to buy your product?
      • What’s the most important thing it can do for them?
      • What is the most important problem your product or service can solve for them?
      • You should be able to answer the following questions to be able to design a brochure or flyers that can create an impact.
  2.  Following AIDA:-
    • Your brochure should be able to get Attention, get the reader Interested long enough for their Desire to come into play your product or service. Following this you should specific call to Action phrases such as “buy now” or “call and make an appointment”.
  3. Using Relevant Headlines and Graphics:-
    • On average a reader takes less than 5 seconds to take a look at the cover and make a decision. You have a very small window to convince them in making a decision in your favour, so choose your content wisely.
  4. Convincing them to act right away:-
    • Mentioning special and limited time offers will force your customer to act right away. So be sure to come up with attractive offers.
  5. Making it easy for them to respond:-
    • Don’t forget to mention all relevant contact information on your brochures and flyers including social networking site links so that interested customers can contact you easily.