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App Templates

Proximate Solutions Realizes the Importance of Mobile Apps and Web Apps in today’s fast paced and progressive business environment. Your applications are extensions of your business, making them easier to use will result in more people using them which in turn is better for your business. We focus on app templates that incorporate the following key features:-

  • Appropriate User Experience:
    • If you want your customers to use your mobile apps, they must be built on easy to use mobile app templates. They should have the ability to do the same tasks on their mobile devices that would usually be completed on a desktop computer. The customers should have access to information that is relevant and appropriate to them.
  • Secure Data Models and Access Control:
    • Before launching a mobile app and a web app to your customers, it is important that it has secure access control. With secure access control, customer’s sensitive information can be transferred securely on a network connection.
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface:
    • Your customers mobile apps that not only help get the job done, but are also requires little to no time to learn how to use. To achieve this effortless learning, it is best to create mobile app templates that incorporate graphical interfaces that put usability above everything else. A mobile app shouldn’t be difficult to use or navigate, and simplicity should be prioritized.

Proximate Solutions has been at the forefront of successful web app templates and mobile app templates for almost a decade, for our expert services contact us.