Android App Development and App Designing

Android App Development

With over 1.7 million apps, Google App Store is largest collection of downloadable mobile apps today.

  • Currently there are:-
    • More than 1 billion devices that run on the Android.
    • Android Smartphones cover 82% of smartphone market share
  • The benefits of using Android app development are immense, to name a few:-
    • Low Investment and High Returns:
      • Android presents a low start-up cost for developing an android app as its Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided for free to the developer community which ultimately reduces development and licensing costs.
    • The architecture of Android is open-source which means you can actually contribute to the overall android mobile application development.
    • Unlike other mobile platforms, Android applications can be distributed through different markets to distribute your applications. You can use third-party application marketplace and you can also form your own distribution and sales channel

So if you want to reach a larger audience using mobile apps developed in one of the most popular mobile app platforms today, contact Us.